3 hearts
3D asset & AR

The work is published in the Issue#8 of Notes Journal (around early June 2021). The model is accessible in the magazine via a phone and a QR Code.
3 heart is a 3D re-interpretation of an octopus or cephalopod heart. In the magazine, the 3d object collides with a sentence referencing Sophie Calle’s work “No Sex Last Night (Double Blind)”, an intimate roadtrip in which S.Calle narrates her one-sided desire, love and obsession for the American filmmaker Greg Shepard.

Octopi’s hearts are a marvel of engineering; a systemic heart that circulates blood around the body and two branchial hearts that pump it
through each of the two gills allowing to reach 11 percent oxygen saturation level in its bloodwhile most fish and mollusks attain an average of 3 percent oxygen saturation. They also appear to possess a very stable heart-rate, making it difficult to measure change related to stress; higher oxygen’s consumption is met by increasing the stroke volume of the hearts.