Non-binary as a spaceshift
Durational performance

Performance progression throughout the month of August 2021 at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam:

7.8.2021 : 1h20, remote performance, non-linear progression, group of audience staying from start to finish, intro + exit screen, feeling of excitement at the beginning slowly fading

14.8.2021 : around 6h, remote performance, webcamf showing sensor device, linear progression, variable amount of persons,

21.8.2021 : around 5h, on location performance, being around the exhibition, sensor on my left hand, some persons recognise/spot the device while I attempt other artists' performances.

28.8.2021 : around 5h, on location performance, allowing myself to just be in the space, no self-direction or expectation of doing, state of quietness

Using a sensor, my heartbeat is translated into a video game engine and varies the speed of an animation. I may or may not be present within the gallery space.

I have recorded the voices of queers and non-binary individuals, asking how they would conjure their own identity in a tangible form, how they would see their body if technology were limitless, and to recall a strong bright memory.

The animation revolves around a spaceship orbiting a star. Inside the ship are the voices, forming its crew, and the voices also form the organism of the ship itself, an interconnected generative system.

list of participants:

Cheyenne Bouchet
MV Brown
Eline Bry
Eden Dodd
Hannah Edward
Axel Gutapfel
Brontë Jones
Harvey Lancaster-Rous
Aga Mlynczak
Francisco Ortega
Alba Sofia
Adam Stearn
Clarinda Tse
Alex Turner
Jack Wannsborough
Miranda Stuart

Programming :
Selina Leung (aileenacs)
Performance photo: 
Katy Hundertmark

Artwork in the space:
Rodrigo Sandoval, Kate Fahey and Jack West