Space Sporification
Durational performance
Being a facilitator
Persons in the space, touching, holding Herma
Outerspaces voices
A dancing spaceship
A foam machine spreading the spores
3 sensors “Herma” shared in the crowd, measuring a collective rhythm 

-list of interview participants):

Cheyenne Bouchet
MV Brown
Eline Bry
Eden Dodd
Hannah Edward
Axel Gutapfel
Brontë Jones
Harvey Lancaster-Rous
Aga Mlynczak
Francisco Ortega
Alba Sofia
Adam Stearn
Clarinda Tse
Alex Turner
Jack Wannsborough
Miranda Stuart

Programming :
Selina Leung (aileenacs)

Kunstmuseum St-Gallen, Switzerland
Curated by Martina Morger and Laura Van Der Tas

Photography of the performance by mani froh and Fabienne Watzke

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Part of Double Thrills Curated by Buzzcut

Photography of the performance by Tiu Makkonen
Make-up and facial adorment paint by MV-Brown

Excrept of some interviews