Space Sporification
Durational performance
Kunstmuseum St-Gallen, Switzerland
Curated by Martina Morger and Laura Van Der Tas
Being a facilitator
Persons in the space, touching, holding Herma
Outerspaces voices
A dancing spaceship
A foam machine spreading the spores
3 sensors “Herma” shared in the crowd, measuring a collective rhythm 
- list of participants (video game engine narration):

Cheyenne Bouchet
MV Brown
Eline Bry
Eden Dodd
Hannah Edward
Axel Gutapfel
Brontë Jones
Harvey Lancaster-Rous
Aga Mlynczak
Francisco Ortega
Alba Sofia
Adam Stearn
Clarinda Tse
Alex Turner
Jack Wannsborough
Miranda Stuart

Programming :
Selina Leung (aileenacs)

Post-performance documentation of one of the sensor “Herma”


Photography of the performance by mani froh and Fabienne Watzke

Video captures of the game “Spore Sporification”