Vulnerability devices
PVC Banner printing, glossy finish, 150x250cm

The series of photographs circles around new narratives regarding masculinity and dependency[1] . The photographs are part of a series of still-life. I’ve designed some amoebozoa-shaped-chimeras that I have photographed on the chest of some of my close friends.
The design is inspired by Verdin’s pneumograph - a device firstly used as a lie detector. Composed from different visual non-human attributes like sea cucumber, tree frog or tortoise beetle for example, the objects oscillate between body signals capture devices and amulets.

1. “Independence and interdependence has been separated, and masculine and feminine are determining part of emulation in this distribution. Masculinity is marked by his lack of dependency”. From the Force of Non-Violence, Judith Butler, 2018

Pictured persons:
Harvey Lancaster-Rous
Francisco Ortega
Axel Gutapfel

Preview exhibition view at Glue Factory, Glasgow, 2020